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Maintaining your contractor contact list

  • No more loosing emergency contact information
  • Easy to maintain, customize, update , edit contact lists
  • Having an up-to-date list of contacts ready to be printed or shared
  • Accessible to your strata council 24/7

Connecting you and service providers

This website is for both, strata communities and strata service providers. Interested contractors will leave and maintain their contact information, as well as a list of services, locations and discounts they provide.

Helping you find contractors

Finding a good contractor can be a challenge even for a strata management company. By providing you with search functionality and an index of many available contractors we plan to bring them to your fingertips. If services provided are not to the expected standard you will be able to leave feedback and prevent others and yourself from making a mistake in the future.

Sharing with other strata communities

If you are interested we would like to give you an ability to share feedback about contractors with other fellow strata council members which will help you make a more educated and informed decisions when it comes to picking the right contractor for a job.

We are not quite ready yet ...

We are still working out a few details before the full launch of the website. If you like where we are going please feel free to leave us your contact information and will email you when website is fully functional.

Thank you for your interest!

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