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Strata councils and strata management companies are tasked with maintenance either residential or commercial building. During the life of the building, building upgrades, additions or replacements, equipment additions or replacements, and many more types of services are required in a successful building maintenance plan. To help you navigate these services we created strata services breakdown system. Categories is the top level classification of residential and commercial strata services.
Air Conditioning A complete air conditioning system includes a means of refrigeration, heat transfer units, air filters, a means of air distribution, an arrangement for piping the refrigerant and heating medium, and controls to regulate the proper capacity of these components. Air conditioning strata service would include services covering all of the components of the system.
Building Automation & Controls Building Automation Systems and Controls are centralized, interlinked, networks of hardware and software, which monitor and control the environment in commercial and residential strata facilities. While managing various building systems, the automation system ensures the operational performance of the strata facility as well as the comfort and safety of building occupants.
Building Envelope Building envelope or strata structural services are a perfect fit for an adage that the prevention is better than cure. Choice of appropriate materials, details and methods can reduce the frequency of required costly structural emergency repairs. Outside windows and doors, roofing, paint and waterproofing are all very important services that need to e performed on a regular schedule.
Cleaning All types of cleaning services in Vancouver and surrounding areas:
  • commercial cleaning
  • residential cleaning
  • green cleaning
  • carpet cleaning
  • apartment cleaning
  • ...
  • Electrical Residential and commercial electrical design and repair services. It includes such services as structural wiring, home automation, lighting, timers, motors, controls, and electrical appliances.
    Fire Protection Strata owners and operators are responsible to maintain their facilities in accordance with fire code. Companies in this category will help strata occupants to achieve this task, they provide full range of services associated with fire protection and prevention in Vancouver and surrounding areas.
    HVAC One cannot imagine a successful building without a proper heating and ventilation system. Whenever a hot water system is designed, all of the components (boilers, pumps, water temperature controls, circuits, valves, radiators) must work together to achieve effective functionality. Thus HVAC services is design and maintenance of such systems resulting in better system control, longer system life, and savings in fuel.
    Landscaping Landscaping or groundskeeping services are all about first impression. First impressions are often the most important. When a prospective buyer is considering a real estate investment, or when tenants are considering a move, the exterior appearance, or the "curb appeal" of the property could be the initial reason they are considering buying or moving in. Conversely, poorly-maintained grounds could be one of the reasons that tenants move out. This is usually the first evidence of a deterioration of management maintenance standards.
    Management Various aspects of strata management, from focused services such as renting units, records keeping, legal to a full suite of strata council support by strata management companies.
    Mechanical Systems such as garbage compactors, elevators, motors, pumps, couplings, bearings, seals, valves, along with lubrication, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance.
    Plumbing The first water pipes used by Romans were made of lead. Thus "Plumber" originally referred to a worker of lead. Lead pipes were used until the end of 19th century. Cast iron, copper, and plastic pipes since taken its place. Today plumbing refers to the system of pipes that supplies the domestic water to the occupants of a building and carries the waste from the building and generally can be divided into 3 areas: the fresh water supply, the drainage system, and the fixtures and appliances.
    Restoration Sometimes accidents happen and in those cases strata restoration service providers would be help to bring your deteriorated residence to its former glory. Water damage, fire damage, concrete repairs and epoxy injections and many more specialties covered under this category.
    Security The safety and security of the occupants of a building must be included when considering the responsibilities of a strata council. Services in this category include but nt limited to discouraging crime, minimizing loss or damage in time of crisis, and services that results in measures of safe operating practice due to fire.
    Supplies Everything from entry door mats to roof door locks. Anything and everything to help run successful strata organization in Greater Vancouver.