About Us

Here at strata-service we are dedicated to developing software to help with various functions of strata community management.

This particular project is aimed at bridging a gap between strata councils and service providers.

First and foremost we are focusing on creating an easy to use, flexible contractor contact list management. We would like to make a free solution for strata councils to allow printing, sharing and maintenance of often clumsy and hard-to-update alternatives.

Additionally, finding a right contractor could be a challenging and time consuming task. Having a list of potential candidates at your your fingertips could be a very valuable asset. That's why we also would like to share an index of available contractor with you.

Our Goals

Our goal is to connect strata communities and companies that provide services for these communities.

We would like to make it easier for strata council members find interested and reliable contractors and provide additional visibility in this relevant context to the contractors. This is a mutually beneficial service for both strata councils and contractors.

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