Helping your strata
manage lists and records!

» Maintaining your contractor contact list

» Connecting you and service providers

» Helping you find contractors

» Sharing with other strata communities

  • Hard to keep contractors list up-to-date
  • Strata management companies change and contractor list gets lost in the process
  • Hard to search for a contact during when time is short during strata council meetings
  • It is not easy to share with other strata council members
  • Formatting the list for printing and emailing

  • We create tools to help you maintain your lists
  • By taking control you open a completely new world complimentary to to the contacts provided by strata management company
  • Search you contact by company name, categories or tags you created yourself
  • Invite and share your contact list with anyone on your strata council
  • We create tools to make printing and emailing list as easy as possible

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Our goals

Connecting strata council and service providers

This service is for both, strata communities and strata service providers. Interested strata service providers can maintain their contact information, as well as a list of services, locations and discounts they provide. Strata council members can search and reach out to these contractors for services and quotes.

Helping strata communities find contractors

Finding a good contractor can be a challenge even for a strata management company. By providing you with search functionality and an index of many available contractors we plan to bring them to your fingertips. If services provided are not to the expected standard you will be able to leave feedback and prevent others and yourself from making a mistake in the future. And vice versa, you can leave your praise for a good service.

Sharing with other strata communities

Your strata council doesn't need to be doing everything on its own. You can share and pick up information form other strata communities facing similar challenges.

Empowering strata contractors

Our service is yet another tool (completely free) in your toolbox for your company promotion, for reputation building, for increasing your job leads and ultimately generating you more income.
For strata councils and communities
If you and your strata council are still passing around a sheet of paper with contractor/emergency contacts printed from someone's computer, then perhaps you should consider making this information
  • more robust
  • more accessible to your strata council members and maintenance contractors
  • easier to maintain
  • less prone to being outdated and lost
We would like to help strata councils and strata communities to keep contractor, emergency and maintenance records manageable. This is our main focus. To us it means doing more than that old sheet of paper ever could. We will:
  • send you reminders about ongoing maintenance work
  • help you to find adequate contractors for emergencies and scheduled work,
  • keep existing contractor records as easy to maintain and share with other strata council members as possible,
  • keep you emergency contact list available 24/7 anywhere for you and your maintenance contractor
  • create means to share and gain experiences from other strata communities if interested
It is completely free for you, your strata council or your strata community.
For strata contractors
This is an easy and free way for strata contractors to reach their audience in strata communities.
Feel free to add you company to our index at any time. We would appreciate a link back to us but it is not necessary.
If interested we can let you know number of views for your company listing and search terms.
Start expanding your reach, reputation and leads.